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Customer Ordering, Return Goods, and Shipping Policy

Issued: 05/26/2022

High Country Hand Protection LLC
PH: (828) 406-0421


All orders are subject to acceptance by HCHP and will be accepted when confirmed in writing with pricing to HCHP. Orders may be placed by customer via:

Standard minimum product order: One (1) case (no partial case orders without prior approval)

Standard minimum order for examination/disposable gloves pre-paid freight (shipping within the contiguous 48 states only): 1+ case shipment to destination.

The order will not be considered received unless it includes: Bill to and ship to addresses, customer account number, HCHP part numbers, and pricing for each item.

Accounts must be in good credit standing with HCHP for their purchase orders to be considered valid at the time of receipt.


The following terms apply for ordering product when a price change will be taking effect. In order to receive the current, or older, of the prices:

  • Orders received while an account is not in good credit standing with HCHP are not considered valid orders and may be subject to the price increase.
  • All orders must be received by 11:59pm the day before the new price takes effect.
  • All orders received must have expected ship dates of no more than 2 business days after receipt of order.
  • The total quantity of the order(s) placed cannot exceed a 30-day supply, which is determined by the average of the previous 90 days of purchases.


HCHP provides pre-paid freight on orders reaching or exceeding 70+ cases required on a specific P.O. Freight will be sent on a reputable carrier on a bid basis. Pre-paid freight will include only the costs incurred from pickup at our dock to delivery to the customer’s dock within the contiguous 48 states.

The following fees are not included in the HCHP Pre-Paid Freight Policy and will be passed on to the distributor / customer:

    • Residential Delivery or Non-Commercial Delivery
    • Lift-Gate charges
    • Sort and Segregation fees
    • Wait time (other than the fault of Sri Trang USA or the carrier)
    • Security checks
    • Any other accessorial charges


All product returns must be pre-approved in advance by HCHP at which time HCHP will assign a return goods authorization number. Unauthorized returns may be refused by HCHP. Request for return must be directed to HCHP Customer Service Department for approval: Ph (828) 406-0334, or Email

Return Goods Authorization Number

The request for return must include:

  • Reason for return
  • HCHP reorder number(s), quantity(s), and lot number(s)
  • Original P.O. number and HCHP Invoice number(s)
  • Information should be directed to HCHP Customer Service by phone, text, or email

Upon approval, HCHP Customer Service will issue a RGA#.

Return goods authorization numbers are valid for 30 days. If product has not been returned within this time frame, the return goods authorization number will become void and the returned product will be refused by HCHP.

Merchandise Not Accepted for Return and/or Credit

Products that will not be accepted by HCHP:

  • Products ordered on “Special Order” or “Private label Product”
  • Products opened or in non-standard case packaging
  • Products not listed in the current Price List or otherwise discontinued
  • Products not accompanied by a RGA#
  • Purchases more than 30 days old
  • Partial cases are not acceptable

Allowance Schedule for Return Credit to Account

HCHP shipping error or defective material = Full Credit or Exchange

Customer overstock (i.e.; overstock, no longer want or need the product, or ordering error by customer) return – Full = Credit less a 20% Restocking Fee


All deliveries with damages and/or shortages must be indicated in writing on carrier’s Proof of Delivery (POD) at time of delivery to distributor/customer. All damages and or shortages not indicated in writing on the POD at the time of delivery will not be considered for credit.

Freight and Product issues/complaints must be reported to HCHP Customer Service at: PH: (828) 406-0334 or